Interview with Pete Whitehouse, Founder, Africa HR Solutions

Interview with Pete Whitehouse, Founder, Africa HR Solutions

Tell us about your organisation.

Africa HR is involved with a number of NGOs in facilitating the immigration and employment of their expat workers and the employment of nationals of the country in which the NGO is operating. We take away the admin frustrations to allow the NGO to be more effective in their area of speciality. We are active in more than 50 countries in Africa

What does your role as at Africa HR Solutions entail? 

I have a passion for what I do. As founder of Africa HR many years ago, I assist the Mauritian based team in building lasting relationships with key clients. Who better to be the face of the company than the person who started it and lives for it? Once the relationship is started, I bring in the rest of my time to make sure we deliver on our promises.

What will your presentation at the Aid & Development Africa Summit address and why is it important for those attending to engage in this topic?

Too many NGOs waste a huge amount of time and money setting up their own entity in each country. Every country has its own laws and requirements. The NGOs simply don’t know there is a faster more cost effective and efficient option by outsourcing to Africa HR.  My goal is to let the NGO do what they are good at and leave us to do what we are good at. To source an in country partner for a project is not only difficult but not that financially attractive to the partner.  Africa HR work with partners with whom we have had a relationship for many years and who assist us with a large number of contractors for many different clients. It is a valued revenue stream for the in country entity and thus they will go beyond the call of duty to assist wherever they can. The result is an extremely cost effective; no hassle 100% compliant solution.

What is your impression of the upcoming Aid & Development Africa Summit 2018 so far?

 Our impressions of the Summit to date has been good. We are excited about the delegates attending with whom we will be able to interact.  Our biggest challenge is to make various NGOs and organisations aware that they have an alternative, that there are easier ways to make sure their team not only gets into the country of choice, but that it can be done quickly, cost effectively and that they are 100% compliant in the process. 


Pete Whitehouse was schooled and educated in South Africa. He is an Associate of the Chartered institute of Management Accountants. After moving away from the Financial Manager arena, he has spent the last 20 years in the Human Resources space, building a number of highly successful brands  with a strong African focus, many of which are now part of listed companies. Living in Africa he has a passion for Africa and the potential Africa has that is just waiting to be discovered. Pete is married with 2 boys. 

Africa HR Solutions are a sponsor of the 3rd Annual Aid & Development Africa Summit being held in Nairobi on 27-28 February 2018. 

For more information on the Aid & Development Africa Summit, visit or email

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