Strong 2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season Predicted

Strong 2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season Predicted

Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria resulted in tens of billions of dollars in damage in 2017.

Now, Global Weather Oscillations (GWO) predicts 2018 will result in another year of “above normal” storms out of the Atlantic. NOAA classifies storms using the Accumulated Cyclone Energy (ACE) index. ACE index above 111 is “above normal,” and those with an ACE above 152 are considered “extremely active.”

Above normal storms could create power outages, severe structural damage and limit access to clean water. Last year’s storms have shown us that preparation is key in preventing thousands living without vital resources for days or even months after a storm.

GWO correctly predicted the hyperactive 2017 Atlantic hurricane season.

The organization was so accurate; they predicted the United States would have six named storms, three hurricanes making landfall and even predicted where they would occur.

“…GWO has issued the most accurate predictions by any organization during the past ten years. The preseason zone predictions are so accurate – updates to the forecasts are
not required during the hurricane season.” CISION

The Claims Journal reported that scientists at Climate Forecast Applications Network also predict a turbulent 2018 Hurricane Season. These reputable predictions provide local governments and emergency relief organizations the opportunity to prepare for 2018 based on the previous year’s recovery challenges.

“They calculate an 80 percent probability of an above normal 2018 Atlantic hurricane season…” Claims Journal

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Preparation is key for hurricane season. The 2018 hurricane season warnings provide an opportunity for government organizations, non-profits, and businesses to learn from last year’s mistakes and prepare in advance. When Aldelano Solar Cold Chain Solutions products are purchased in advance, they can offer immediate emergency  assistance to communities in dire need.

The Aldelano Solar PowerPak/Generator™ can be used to power a single home or entire building if power is not available after a storm. Power independent of the grid can be crucial for
hospitals or emergency responders trying to provide medical care.

The Aldelano Solar ColdBoxTM provides cold storage for food, medicine and blood. When there is no power, medicines and perishable foods are at risk. The Solar ColdBox is an industrial grade cold storage unit that ensures emergency responders, shelters and hospitals have the necessary
cold storage for life-saving resources.

The Aldelano Solar WaterMakerTM generates clean water from moisture in the air. Hurricane flooding often compromises water, leaving communities at risk for waterborne illnesses. The Solar WaterMaker can provide communities, shelters, hospitals, and emergency responders with clean drinking water.

Prepare for hurricane season with robust, solar lifesaving resources from Aldelano Solar Cold Chain Solutions.


Aldelano Solar Cold Chain Solutions are sponsoring the upcoming Global Disaster Relief Summit taking place in Washington, D.C, USA on 5-6 September 2018.

Image credit: Aldelano Solar Cold Chain Solutions

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